• About Us

    Heartfelt Veterinary Hospital Opened doors in 2014 as a one doctor 7 team member practice striving to provide the highest quality medicine while promising to:

    * Care for pets with every ounce of our hearts, experience, skill and imagination
    * Treat each and every pet as the unique individual they are. With the tailored care that’s best for them
    * Always involve our pet parents in all aspects of the care of their beloved four-legged family members. To explain, advise, listen and comfort.

    Since 2014 we have welcomed, Dr. Rebecca Sullivan and Dr. Benjamin Carter to our team of Associate Veterinarians and grown to employ over 15 team members. Each member of our team will always treat your pets as you would, as if they were their own. That is our Mission and our simple, guiding truth. It is the reason for Heartfelt.

    Meet Our Veterinarians


    Thomas Mackowiak – DVM/Medical Director

    As a charter member of the new breed of veterinarians, Dr. Mackowiak brings something to the table that few vets can match. From his attention to detail to his individualized approach to pet care, every checkup is a one-of-a-kind experience and every conversation has value.

    A true man of the world, Dr. Mackowiak is at home in multiple languages, multiple cultures and multiple disciplines. Having grown up in Germany,Thomas studied law in Chile, switched careers mid-stream, emigrated to Oregon to work on a veterinary research project, completed his doctorate at Oregon State University and enjoyed four years of veterinary practice in Portland.

    Thomas’ familiarity with so many varied cultures has given him an uncommon level of “emotional intelligence”, which allows him to see and sense things most other veterinarians miss. Combined with his professional expertise, Dr. Mackowiak combines these intangible skills to bring a multiplier effect to veterinary medicine, leading to a wonderfully constructive relationship with your pet — and you.

    A 2010 graduate of the College of Veterinary Medicine, Oregon State University, Dr. Mackowiak maintains veterinary licenses in Washington and California as well as Oregon.

    Thomas’ professional passions include dentistry, soft tissue surgery, internal medicine (where he learned to visual surgery three dimensionally) and emergency medicine, so it’s not surprising that he also taught anatomy in Chile and the U.S.

    MoniqueMariePhotography(Sullivan WB1)

    Rebecca Sullivan – DVM/Associate Veterinarian

    Dr. Rebecca Sullivan was born and raised in Portland, where she developed an early interest in the well-being of animals. Throughout her life Dr. Sullivan has volunteered for a number of animal welfare organizations including the Oregon Humane Society, and she continues to volunteer for Portland Animal Welfare Team on her time off. Dr. Sullivan was inspired to pursue an education in veterinary medicine at Oregon State University after she adopted her dog Elephant, who was very ill with pneumonia at the time. Elephant made a full recovery and this friendly little pup now accompanies Dr. Sullivan all around the city and on all her outdoor adventures. Dr. Sullivan is certified in veterinary acupuncture and enjoys keeping up on current veterinary research in order to offer a multi-modal approach to canine and feline wellness. When not practicing veterinary medicine Dr. Sullivan enjoys rock climbing, backpacking, home improvement projects and gardening.


    Benjamin Carter – DVM/Associate Veterinarian

    Dr. Ben Carter received his Doctorate of Veterinary Medicine (DVM) from The Ohio State University in 2016. For as long as he can remember, Dr. Carter has been driven by a deep seated love of animals and a passion for health and science. Dr. Carter has enjoyed a non-traditional path to becoming a veterinarian, spending over 10 years working in a variety of aspects of veterinary medicine before completing his DVM. With the goal of developing a comprehensive appreciation and understanding of veterinary medicine these years were spent working as a technician in general practice, emergency care, and specialty medicine, developing and publishing research on surgical teaching methods, and working as an academic instructor for veterinary surgical courses. This wealth of experience gives Dr. Carter a unique perspective into the many facets of veterinary medicine, helping him to approach each case with care and insight and allowing him to create an individualized approach for each patient and family he encounters.

    Dr. Carter thoroughly enjoys developing meaningful, lasting relationships with his patients, clients, and coworkers. While his professional interests are broad, Dr. Carter particularly loves surgery, low-stress visits and handling, and emergency medicine. When not practicing medicine, Dr. Carter enjoys spending time with his fur-kids, finding new adventures and ways to explore the Pacific Northwest, and playing guitar and bass.