• Heartfelt Services


    Full In-House Diagnostic Laboratory

    Our in–house laboratory provides same day results on blood, urine and other diagnostics.


    Health and Wellness Check-ups

    Each health and wellness check-up is tailored to your pet’s individual needs.



    We discuss and determine which vaccines are best for each stage and situation of your pet’s life.


    Spaying and Neutering

    Given the variations based on breed and pet size, we advocate discussing the best time to spray or neuter.


    General Surgery

    We provide a variety of surgical services, including: Routine (spay neuter), Specialty (soft palate surgeries) and Urgent/Emergency surgeries for sick pets (foreign bodies in stomach or intestines; intestinal obstructions/blockage; bladder stones; etc.)


    Dental Cleanings/Oral Surgeries

    We strongly support dental/oral health to prolong your pet’s life.

    Soft Palate Surgeries

    This specialty surgery helps short-faced breeds (Bulldogs, Pugs, Boston Terriers, French Terriers and others) to breath better and enhances overall health. Due to his soft palate surgical expertise, Dr. Mackowiak has received numerous referrals.


    Digital Radiographs (xRays)

    Our state-of-the-art digital X-ray machine provides us with immediate diagnostics when needed.

    Digital Dental Radiographs (Dental X-rays)

    Our new digital dental X-ray machine helps us diagnose dental root disease that would otherwise go undiagnosed during routine dental procedures.


    In addition to detecting more advanced problems, our Ultrasound machine is also a great tool for routine bladder check-ups.

    Critical Care/Hospitalization

    We provide intensive medical attention, including hospitalization, for sick pets suffering from diabetes, pancreatitis, kidney and liver disease or other debilitating ailments.

    Human Model Surgery Suite

    Our Surgery Suite is designed to provide your pet with the very best care. This includes providing surgeons and patients alike with separate entrances from the main treatment area to adjoining prep rooms on each end of the surgical suite to better ensure a sterile, hygienic environment.

    Individually Designed Care and Medical Treatment

    We believe each patient is different. Therefore, “cookie-cutter” medicine has no place at Heartfelt. Which means if a standard approach proves inadaquate, the treatment plan is adjusted accordingly.

    Emergency Care

    Our facility is ready to handle emergencies small and large, from allergic/anaphylactic reactions and car accidents to respiratory problems and toxic ingestation.

    Alternative Pain Management

    We provide short- and long-term pain management options, supportive medicine and treatment plans.

    Sound Proof Wards

    To make each pet stay comfortable, we soundproofed our cat and dog wards to minimize unnecessary stress and allow our canine and feline patients to recuperate in peace.